Domestic Home Cleaning Services
in the Southern Highlands

General Home Cleaning

Our trained, friendly staff come to your home when you need us to clean your home. We have professional systems and procedures in place and follow clear cleaning checklists, so that little things don't get missed. This ensures that we leave you each time with a clean, fresh home free of the dust and grime that quickly builds up.

Our general home cleaning service can include:

Areas We Service in the Southern Highlands

We service most towns and villages in the NSW's beautiful Southern Highlands. Those areas include:

Our Happy Home Cleaning Clients!

Comments from just a few of our Highlands Cleaning Domestic regulars.

I really appreciate the help each week of the Highlands Cleaning team. They are thorough and even do more than is needed.

Bruce A.

Moss Vale


Our home is cleaned weekly by the girls, they do a fantastic, professional job each time. We always come home to a fresh, clean house.

Jemma S.



Deep Home Cleaning

If you'd like your home to have an even more in-depth clean, we can certainly assist. Many clients choose our deep domestic clean every few months or at least once a year to ensure that all surfaces and all those nooks and cranny's are dealt with.

Our deep home cleaning service can include (other items can be cleaned as agreed):

Southern Highlands Home & Commercial Cleaning

Frequently Asked Questions.

A general domestic clean is our most popular home service, usually performed on a weekly or fortnightly basis.

Once a month or quarter many of our clients request a Deep Clean to ensure even those harder to access areas are cleaned. A Deep Clean includes cleaning under moved furniture (please note someone needs to move that prior to our service).

The majority of our clients ask for a fortnightly home cleaning service. This generally helps to supplement their cleaning in-between visits. We do have many clients who prefer a weekly residential cleaning service so they know their home is all clean and spotless.

How often you’d like your home cleaned is totally up to you.

No, we provide all the supplies and equipment needed to perform a professional clean according to our checklists.

Of course if you have specific equipment to be used for a particular task or may need a certain chemical or chemical-free product to be used, please feel free to discuss with us before your cleaning begins so we can ensure that we can stand by the cleaning service we perform.

Yes, we are fully insured. If any damage were to be caused to property it needs to be reported to us in writing straight away and proof supplied that we caused the damage. We know that the majority of people are honest, however you can appreciate that there are some who may take advantage of goodwill, and these are the terms directed by our insurance policy provider. Thankfully we have not lodged a claim in over 20 years!

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